Arcitalitrus dorrieni



Conservation status

Not Assessed

First reported in the wild



Invasive species - risk of Medium Impact

Irish status


Introduction pathways - 1

Transport Contaminant

Introduction pathways subclass - 1

Contaminant nursery material

Invasive score


NAPRA Ireland risk assessed


Species Biology


Terrestrial amphipod, land hopper, <10mm in size (O'Hanlon & Bolger, 1997).


Breaks down ~25% of the fallen leaf litter at a coniferous woodland site in Co. Galway, suggesting the species plays an important role in the detrital food chain and in leaf litter communities (O'Hanlon & Bolger, 1999), though any effects are currently unknown.


Woodland, forest and other wooded land

Pathway and vector description

Pathway of introduction is unknown but based on the method of introduction to the UK (Cowling et al., 2004) and sightings of the species in a Co Wicklow garden centre (O'Connor et al., 1999) it is likely the species was introduced in nursery material of imported plants.

Mechanism of impact


Broad environment


Habitat description

Found in the leaf litter of coniferous and deciduous woodlands and in gardens (McCarthy & MacLoughlin, 2002).

Species group


Native region



World distribution(GBIF)

Irish distribution

Establish - Rare & Localised. No detailed distribution records currently exist for this species but it is thought to be established at several sites in Co Galway, as well as occurring in Co. Mayo, Co. Kerry and in two gardens in Co Down (McCarthy & MacLoughlin, 2002; O'Hanlon & Bolger, 1994).

Native distribution

Native to Australia and New Zealand

Temporal change

Date of first record category


Fifty year date category


Records submitted to Data Centre in 2022

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How can you help

Report any sightings to the National Biodiversity Data Centre.



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