Anemone nemorosa | Wood Anemone | Lus na gaoithe

Pre 2017

2017 - 2020


Native status


Species Biology


  • Flowers from March to May
  • Can occur in extensive stands forming a carpet of green
  • Flowers are usually white, and have numerous yellow stamens in the centre. Pinkish tinged flowers can also occur
  • Flowers occur singly on long, thin stalks
  • The leaves are deeply lobed and basal except for a whorl of 3 on the flower stems


Deciduous woodland, riverbanks, road banks. Occurs on rich, slightly moist soil


World distribution(GBIF)

Temporal change

Records submitted to Data Centre in 2023

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How can you help

This species is included in our spring flowering plants project. If you see the species please submit your sighting. All information is very valuable.

Full list of species included in the spring flowering plants project:

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  3. Cowslip
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  13. Wood Anemone
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Further information

This species is included in the spring flowering plants project which is a collaboration between the National Biodiversity Data Centre and the BSBI. It is hoped we can collect valuable data to improve our knowledge of the current distribution of some common plants. All data will be fully validated by both partners before loading to Biodiversity Maps and being made available to the BSBI.