Chilocorus bipustulatus | Heather Ladybird



Conservation status

Not assessed

Legal status

Not protected

Species Biology


Adult: 3mm to 4mm in length. Body is shiny black with four red spots that appear to from two red bars. The edge of the elytra is flattened to form a rim. The prontoum is also shiny black and the head is a deep reddish-black. The legs are black.

Larvae: has pale white stripe across the abdomen.

Adult habitat & habits

It is associated with heather dominated peatland vegetation particularly around margins of raised bogs. 


Feeds on scale insects, aphids and sap-sucking insects. 


World distribution(GBIF)

Has a Holarctic distribution, occurring in  North America, Europe, north Asia. It is also found in tropical Africa.

Irish distribution

It appears to be more commonly recorded in the southern half of the island, but there is a knowledge gap on its true distribution in Ireland

Temporal change

Records submitted to Data Centre in 2023

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How can you help

Please submit any sightings of this species to Ladybird Survey