Adalia bipunctata | 2-spot Ladybird



Conservation status

Not assessed

Legal status

Not protected

Species Biology


Adult: 4mm to 4.5mm in length. In the typical form the base colour of the elytra is red, with two black spots at the centre.  The pronotum is black with broad white edges leading from front to back. The white spot at the back of the pronotum varies in shape.  It should be noted both the colour and pattern of the markings can vary greatly in this species, and there is even a dark form. However the legs are always black, a feature that helps with identification.

Larvae: The colour pattern is similar to the 10-spot, but the 2-spot is generally darker. However, it is difficult to separate the larvae of both species without considerable experience.  

Adult habitat & habits

This species commonly overwinters in buildings, consequently it is regularly recorded indoors. It appears to be associated with riverside vegetation and gardens, but its precise habitat requirements in Ireland are poorly understood. 


Feeds on aphids


World distribution(GBIF)

It is a Palearctic species and  very common in Central and Western Europe. It occurs in Britain, but appears to be less widespread in Scotland, particularly in northern Scotland.

Irish distribution

Most likely encountered in the south-eastern half of Ireland, but its range is spreading

Temporal change

Records submitted to Data Centre in 2023

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How can you help

Please submit any sightings of this species to Ladybird Survey



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