Calopteryx virgo | Beautiful Demoiselle | Brídeog



Conservation status

Ireland: Least Concern

EU: Least Concern

Distribution has not changed significantly apart from a slight northward spread in recent years.

Native status


Species Biology


Length: 4.5cm                                                                                                                                                                                            

Wingspan: 6.3cm

Male has metallic blue-green body with dark blue-black tinted wings (iridescent up close). Female has metallic green body with light brown tinted wings with a small white dot close to the tip of the wing. Like the banded demoiselle they have a butterfly-like flight.

Adult habitat & habits

Distinctive flight-beat their wings with a flicking action.


Prefers fast-flowing streams and shallow rivers with a gravel or sandy bottom. Muddy bottom rivers and slow-flowing waters are usually avoided. Tolerant of shade but usually areas that lack sunlight are avoided. Females spend most of their time at the breeding site and males are usually perches on nearby vegetation.

Flight period

May to September


World distribution(GBIF)

Irish distribution

Found mostly throughout the lower half of Ireland, more abundant further south. Absent from Ulster and most of Connaught. 

Temporal change

Records submitted to Data Centre in 2024

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