Sympetrum striolatum | Common Darter | Sciobaire Coiteann



Conservation status

Ireland: Least Concern.

EU: Least Concern.

There is no evidence of any change in its abundance or distribution.

Native status


Species Biology


Length: 3.7cm

Wingspan: 5.8cm 

Both sexes have clear wings with a dark wing spot and a dark marking on segment 8 and 9 of the abdomen. Males are yellow brown when immature, similar to mature female but thinner abdomen and paler. When the males mature, they have an orange-red colour and a brown thorax that is yellow at the sides. The legs are dark with pale stripes along their length.

Mature females are yellow-brown with a reddish dorsal line and they have a tint of yellow at the base of their wings.

Adult habitat & habits

Adults are found foraging far from breeding sites. Usually perch in the sunlight on waterside vegetation.


Breeds in a variety of lentic and slow-flowing wetland habitats e.g. ponds, lakes, bod pools, streams, canals, ditches and rivers. Breeding sites usually consist of large amounts of submerged aquatic vegetation and filamentous algae. Tall grasses, trees and bushes are found quite close to the sites but do not shade them. 

Flight period

June to October (occasionally May and/or November)


World distribution(GBIF)

Irish distribution

Common all throughout Ireland, only absent from upland areas.

Temporal change

Records submitted to Data Centre in 2024

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